Recently I  have experienced a ramped up timeline of transitions and challenges. Some moments stunning others painful and bittersweet. Just like you, I was swept up in responding, reacting and shrinking my world to manage and prepare as much as I could  for the inevitable aftershocks and tactonic shifts.

But while witnessing others in my life undergoing so much change I found myself writing a letter to one close friend in particular.  I was reminded of the courage it takes to step away from our comfort zones to allow the possibility that change, though deeply uncomfortable, is what leads us to to the best version of ourselves.

Sharing this passage is what  led me back to this blog:

….” Stepping into liminal time will be an amazing experience. As weird as it feels, it is very wise to pause until you know what your best next step will be. Then you can do what really feels right and good for you. Ultimately whatever direction you choose will benefit  all those you care about, and, even those you don’t know who will get to experience your ideas, words, creativity and intellect.  You have unlimited possibility inside.  As you stay curious approaching those possibilities this time can feel unnerving. But believe me, when you are ready, when the time feels right, the results of taking that next step into this phase of your life will be breathtaking.

I just want to lend my support to living your life big while you continue to offer others you love opportunities to live to their fullest potential.”