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Many years after my initial blog entry I am still living in my liminal space, going through transitions but doing it in a much less martyred/dramatic way. I have been actively practicing the art of staying in my discomfort and victories. Pema Chodron teaches that staying present in what shows up in our daily lives is how we move along on our personal journey. It is one of the most difficult life skills to practice because it infers change is a constant in all of our lives. But learning how to quiet diversions, addictions and noise  remaining connected to what challenges us the most will give us the information we need to grow and take our next best step forward into our lives. I am living fully present for the first time.

A few years ago, during what I hoped was going to be the last marital therapist before a decision to divorce was made, I was asked by the therapist how much did I want to be there committed to this 4th attempt at counselling to save my marriage. My response was. “the huge desire I feel to run as far away as possible from here is why I know I have to stay. If I do not want to repeat behaviors that brought me, us, to this place I have to face all of our story. That way if I chose to stay or leave I will be doing it as a healthier and stronger person.”

It was time for me to walk the walk and to live with integrity and do the least amount of harm to myself or others. When I began this blog  I was discovering that the world did not revolve around me. That although my life story was important it was no more or less important than my neighbor, a passenger in the car next to me or the customer buying food in front of me.I found my place in this world, along side all the other souls trying to do the best they could with who they were.

Sharing lessons learned, support given, and the bounty of quotes and pictures reminding me that beauty and balance exists may let you know you are not alone. To always remember thou mayest.

There is always a choice that can be made, even if it is not to choose for the moment. to remain still, to stay.